I started my career by founding and working in two non-profit organizations in Austria, which supported early startups and students in pursuing their own ideas. What soon followed was my first company in the field of online publishing in Berlin.

In 2015, I co-founded oratio, a messaging platform for businesses all over the world, that helps connecting with their customers on messengers, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber, Telegram and Kik.

Through my work at oratio, I secured investments from instituional investors and public institutions, created the company’s business and customer strategy and built close relationships with major tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Slack, Viber and Twitter.


In 2016, I organized the first edition of ChatbotConf in Vienna, Austria with more than 400 international guests and speakers from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Slack and many more startups in the field of messaging and chatbots.


A year later, the second edition of ChatbotConf attracted a total of more than 500 attendees and speakers. The goal was to bring together like-minded people to share ideas and experiences.

My goal with ⭕️ Hauser is to support young companies as well as established corporations to solve product and customer problems.

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