We always build new ideas. Some of them will fail while some will become big

We help discovering the right ones.

For Startups

You are an early venture that started off with an idea for a digital product or even has an early version of a product ready. But what comes next?

Product development

I help answering questions about what to start building and what to build next by working closely with customers and early adopters. At the intersection between tech & business, I assist in finding a clear and simple product strategy to help you remaining focused.

Customer development

Finding an effective way of approaching customers and identifying channels they are listening to is essential for your team and product. A clear strategy and asking the right questions sets you apart from competitors and improves your relationships with customers.

For Corporate clients

I am working with corporate clients and established companies on bringing a customer-centric approach back to your teams by offering hands-on project management and on-site workshops.


I support your teams in establishing a lean and agile methodology across your company. Implementing a clear and consistent innovation strategy helps further establishing a customer-centric culture at your company.

Project management

Upon request, I actively support and work side by side with your teams in creating customer-centric products and services. Lean and agile management is best learned while practicing it!


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