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I am working with startups and uprising companies on product and customer development to find answers to critical questions with as little resources as possible. Putting customers at the core of every decision determines how quickly product-market fit can be achieved.

Common questions I help solving

  • How can we ask the right questions to understand our customers?
  • What feature to build first? What feature to build next?
  • What is the best overall product strategy for our company?
  • How can we manage our product’s lifecycle?

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Corporate clients

As a company with a proven track record, new challenges are always on the horizon. Running a lean and agile management decides whether your company can react on an ever-changing environment or not.

Common questions we help solving

  • What actions do we need to take to better react on new challenges?
  • How can we empower teams to improve efficiency?
  • How can we embed a customer-centric approach across all decision makers?
  • What does it take to create an innovation friendly ‘startup’ culture at our company?

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Thanks to our cooperation with Hauser, we were able to define a clear strategy that can be immediately implemented to make our products sustainably more personal and interactive for our business customers.

Mag. Georg Schramm, Product Manager at Erste Bank AG


Thanks to Hauser, we were able to obtain important insights for our messaging business. The collaboration allowed us to directly define goals and thereby refine our company strategy.

Markus Buchner, CEO at atms